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Welcome to EasyCoin Bitcoin Wallet

Now with free Bitcoin mixer, you will always get new coins back when you withdraw from your EasyCoin wallet!
You only pay the Bitcoin transaction fee (0.001 BTC).
We also support completely free account to account transfers.

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Features of EasyCoin:

EasyCoin is a newbie friendly easy to use Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Mixer / Laundry.
With EasyCoin you dont have to worry about anonymity and security when using Bitcoin, we take care of that.
Our integrated mixer makes sure none of your deposited Bitcoins get sent when you make a withdrawal, but instead its using funds from other users of the wallet which makes it a true Bitcoin Mixer or Bitcoin Laundry without same coin contamination.
We store all bitcoins encrypted and large amounts only in cold storage, which protects EasyCoin from hackers or other malicious people.
Storing and laundering / mixing your bitcoins has never been easier.
We respect our users privacy and dont store any information, if you are worried about someone knowing about you using Bitcoin, you can use our Tor hidden service:
You can use EasyCoin on any device, from your iphone or android phone / tablet to a pc or laptop without installing any programs or apps.
EasyCoin lets you access your bitcoins from any country and location worldwide.

What is Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is an anonymous peer-to-peer cryptocurrency invented by someone who gave himself the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.
It now has millions of users and all bitcoins together are worth over a billion US dollar.
All you need to use Bitcoins as a payment method on the internet is a Bitcoin Wallet like EasyCoin and some website or person to buy Bitcoins from.
But bitcoin is only truly anonymous and untraceable if you are really careful not disclosing your identity.
Easycoin is trying to help with that and protects its users privacy by default instead of having the user take care of it like all other bitcoin wallets.
An observer wont be able to track you on the bitcoin blockchain when you use EasyCoin bitcoin wallet.

How to get started:

Create an account on EasyCoin, make sure you write down your username and password and optionally your transaction PIN at a secure place.
Then go to the Buy Bitcoins page for a small list of websites selling bitcoins, there are dozens more, just google for "Buy Bitcoins".
If you want to buy or sell bitcoins in a really anonymous way without using banks etc, check out for person to person bitcoin exchange.

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